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7.2.17, or Into the Looking Louvre

  • got up early lol mom had to wake me up again

  • went to the louvre

  • so much content


  • and then argued for a solid hour

  • unfortunate

  • tbh the entire louvre would be enjoyable with 1-2 people, not a whole group

  • or at least smaller, maybe

  • in the Louvre they have the mona lisa, which is actually tiny and very possibly overhyped.

  • The largest painting in the Louvre (takingup literally an entire wall) was across fromt he Monal Lisa, and there wasn’t even a crowd in front of it

  • how unfortunate

  • After the louvre, my parents decided it was a great idea to walk to the Eiffel tower, a solid 40 minutes away

  • Along the way, we walked along the seine river, and yes the views and lighting were very picturesque

  • then again, everything’s picturesque in France

  • Once we got to the tower, I laid on the grass to wait for my relatives

  • calm + relaxing as hell

  • grass is different in every country

  • the grass in France is super soft and cusiony

  • the weather is very balmy too, solid 75

  • got in via security to the tower, since I think they’ve been putting up more and more security in Europe due to terrorist attacks

  • It’s

  • kinda sad really

  • There’s no perfect way to/ /truly// incorporate everyone’s ideals besides putting them each as the ruler of their own AI universe

  • but then again

  • that isn’t real

  • which is why I love American ideals so much

  • if only it was executed just as well

  • due to whether these thoughts are from my own musings or the multitudes of Hetalia Fanfication is up to you to find out

  • got in line for the tower, me and my cousin decided to walk up the stairs while some of my relatives were going to take the elevator and some went back to the hotel

  • neither me or my cousin had working phones though

  • so oopsies.exe?

  • hehehehe

  • as we were walking up, I could feel the building shaking under my feet which was SUPER SCARY but it was fun with a friend :D

  • lol we got on the first floor and continued walking up to the second floor

  • the walk up was much more stable and took pics on the way up

  • Got to the second floor

  • ate some food

  • looked fro my parents/relatives but couldn’t find them

  • me and my cuz stayed up there looking for good pictures and quality cousin time

  • but we stayed up there for like a solid hour because we couldn’t find our parents

  • we were thinking of going to the top but too many people :P

  • apparently everyone was waiting at the bottom already hahaha

  • we got scolded for staying up too long

  • we went to the same chinese restaurant tho

  • as revenge I suppose

  • after that dinner, we got out just in time to see the eiffel tower sparkle at 11:00

  • pretty af

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