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6.23.17, or BAM in Barcelona

woke up

  • went to train station

  • ate breakfast

  • grouchy, head and stomach ache

  • got on train


  • drew some designs

  • read some books

  • S.I.M is disappointing

  • Got to Barcelona

  • <3

  • Ate lunch and already loved it

  • hotel was beaut

  • the only issue was that there was a glass panel between the bathroom and the room itself, making it super awk to do private stuff

  • first ate at el national


  • then went to the casas by gaudi

  • first one was the undersea one

  • fascinating architecture

  • loved the detail and the wooden carvings

  • highly suggest

  • second was more sand based

  • also interesting, inside was fascinating

  • what pissed me off the most tho was my mom insisting on taking pictures

  • I got the feeling that she missed me a little because I was always with my cousins but

  • still

  • it got ridiculous

  • I ended up storming away and going to a modern art gallery in the museum

  • that was a part of it, but not

  • creepy AF

  • looked like a satanic ritual with black blood

  • eventually waited for auntie and mom

  • then we went to a pool at our hotel

  • hotel had rooftop pool

  • v nice

  • //pics

  • Ate dinner at a seafood place

  • drank a little sangria

  • i should stop drinking so much

  • tried to make a speech

  • everyone was happy surprisingly

  • tired too

  • as we got back, it was st. john’s eve

  • national holiday

  • kids were running around with sparklers and fireworks were being set off on the street

  • v frightening

  • ahhh

  • got home and started to watch wonder woman before falling asleep

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