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6.20.17, or Glad to be in Madrid

woke up and couldn’t find my sister’s shoes

  • argued about which train we should travel on before finding a convenient bus to take us to the airport

  • slept the entire way

  • Mom and dad got duty-free foods, before we whisked off to the plane

  • died on the airplane and slept that way too

  • got off and taxied

  • read up on some espanol to refresh

  • got to the hotel and was amazed

  • difference was amazing

  • check-in had some roughs and tumbles due to other people planning the thing

  • Life lesson: don’t talk when you don’t know everything

  • chilled in the room for awhile

  • Saw my cousins for the first time in forever !!!

  • yayyy talked a bit

  • tbh was a bit awk because I hadn’t talked to many of my relatives for awhile

  • We went to a marketplace first where they sold a lot of food

  • I ate some sangria, fruit, and tapas

  • tapas (jamon, croquettes) were delicious

  • sangria was like a better version of red wine, got better after some sips

  • walked back to hotel and chilled for a bit

  • went to a cathedral and a spanish castle

  • grand and beaut; took many pics, lots of artwork

  • before going to a restaurant

  • ate sooo much: bread, salad, then more croquettes, then paella, with a glass of sangria and water

  • by then the awkwardness had faded thank god

  • went back home and prepped for bed

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