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6.17.17, or Excuse me, Princess

  • packed up

  • went to the train station

  • spent time eating and left for the Basilica de Santa Maria del Fiore

  • should've spent 30 min we spent an hour

  • outside had a similar peacefulness

  • both a church and a cemetery

  • cemetery was comforting

  • art was beaut too

  • played a little fashion show with the shawl that they gave us

  • ate quickly- the people were giving us glares lol

  • took a nap on the train

  • chocolate melted :((

  • got off

  • venice was breathtaking… at first

  • then a guy carried our stuff and I felt conflicted

  • like i know it’s basic economics but

  • idk

  • im being silly

  • walked around, Venice is beautiful

  • there’s a huge marketplace since its a tourist city

  • also it being a tourist city kinda saddens me

  • but anyways, walked to another cathedral

  • cathedral de san marcos

  • fed more birds, took more pictures

  • scam side notes about not taking anything the merchants try and shove in your hands

  • went home and recs about trying venice’s seafood

  • delicious


  • Called Princess Guesthouse

  • (wrote a review about it too lol)

  • old af

  • charges 200+ euros

  • no view

  • tons of rules

  • everything’s broken

  • wifi’s literal shit

  • toilet’s broken

  • B I S H

  • :((

We visited the St. Mark's Basilica

Chased more pidgeons

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