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6.27.17, or Burdened for Burgundy

  • lazy morning

  • went out to a cute cafe and only ate caffeine and cakes lol

  • did italia tip #1 and learned some basic french terms and how to pronounce them lol

  • ended up driving to Burgundy, France, with only 2 minivans lol

  • it was a tetris trip to even get the luggage in order

  • but it was v

  • idk calm

  • it was a nice road trip

  • blasted some music

  • music list:

  • Ed Sheeran- Barcelona

  • Shawn Mendes- There’s Nothing Holding Me Back

  • Future- Mask Off

  • The Chainsmokers- Paris

  • The Chainsmokers and Coldplay- Something Just Like This

  • Blonde- Just for One Night

  • Post Malone- Graduation

  • Lecrae- I’ll Find You

  • Ed Sheeran- Shape Of You

  • Ed Sheeran- Castle on a Hill

  • Ellie Goulding- High For This

  • Bruno Mars- That’s What I Like

  • Lorde- Sober II

  • Lorde- Homemade Dynamite

  • Jax Jones- Instruction

  • Steve Aoki- Night Call

  • the chateau that our hotel was at was nothing luxurious, but very aestethically pleasing

  • it was a delight to see it at first

  • we rushed to get our luggage in before getting to the town

  • the town was very cute

  • tho the locals looked at us like we were exotic animals which was slightly

  • uncomfortable

  • there were lots of small shops as we walked around

  • and we wanted to get chocolate

  • but parents showed up

  • apparently burgundy/france makes really good escargot, which is snails

  • and has good cheese

  • and wine

  • took lots of aestethicgally pleasing pictures

  • ate good food right as we said we’d walk around hahaha

  • met up with them to go wine tasting and went on a walk and got lost

  • took more pictures

  • finally found the wine tasting place

  • it wasn't great DDD:

  • the tour guide had hella french accent people

  • we got these small palettes for wine tasting

  • the best thing from that wine tasting place was their cheesy bread

  • but we had to walk around a little more since none of the restaurants were open

  • finally sat down

  • freaked out cuz of a bee

  • salad wasn’t even filling tho

  • ended up eating more bread and walking out

  • we tried to sneaky sneak get some chocolate

  • pended up getting caught but got some anyways :DD

  • went back to the hotel just in time before it started raining

  • adults went to drink and have a snack while we kids petted a cat and played cards

  • content and chill

  • one of the best days, tied up there with mount vesuvius and barcelona

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