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6.26.17, or Lyin' low in Lyon

  • (example Lyon picture)

woke up at 6am when my mom knocked

  • oops.exe

  • should’ve gotten up earlier ahahaha

  • me and my cousin got everything together in 10 min

  • then again we kinda packed the day before

  • got to train station, ate mcdonald’s for breakfast

  • didn’t eat a salad fast enough, had to drag coffee with me throughout the station

  • can say with confidence that I only spilled once

  • slept on train and wrote some stuff

  • we stopped in Lyon

  • had a last minute change in itinerary so relatives were working out

  • ate lunch

  • their mac and cheese is… low-key disgusting, they put in this weird mixture of cheeses that made it taste nauseous

  • chilled for our room key

  • went out to explore the town

  • started raining a bit but it was tolerable

  • lots of small stores

  • lavender and honey

  • ice cream

  • lots of ice cream

  • highlight was a little kitty cat that was super soft and cuddly

  • then we went up the tram

  • view was eh

  • cathedral was eh

  • played a little baton with the umbrella

  • went back down

  • went shopping with my mom and a relative

  • unfortunately all the stores closed at 7pm

  • some were open tho

  • first one we went to was a men’s warehouse

  • before looking at french bags

  • longchamp bags are the champ

  • clothes in france are hella expensive tho

  • walked around a little more before heading back

  • sister threw a fit cuz rooming arrangements changed

  • went to dinner

  • we didn’t like the room they gave us since it was a funny smell

  • and the waiter was rude af

  • we thought it was discrimination and

  • i didn’t think much of it at first but then

  • after more thoughts, i realized that this is very possibly gonna be a thing and that we would deal with it more often

  • unfortunate

  • at least food was good tho

  • went to get groceries before heading back to the hotel

  • - finished the hunting grounds

  • scared and pissed off

  • scared because in university/umich internship

  • im gonna be by myself

  • i am paranoid

  • but am i paranoid enough about my friends that i make there

  • because most of the sexual assaults come from people you know

  • also i can get too distracted

  • u g h

  • pissed off because colleges value sports wayyy too much

  • currently at Westlake high school

  • our football coach makes about ~$120k

  • my mom, an engineer whose worked for decades, makes less than that

  • and a teacher who has had about 30 years of experience make half of that

  • so my teachers that I interact with every day and give me confidence and honest feedback and time and energy and just everything

  • get less benefits than a person that directs boys to eat, move, and UGH


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