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6.24.17, or Gaudi, not gaudy

woke up at 10am

  • officially woke up at 11am

  • went out to eat breakfast with rachel

  • first went to this breakfast place that had so many americans lol

  • then stopped by hagen daze

  • then got baby muffins

  • then went to mcdonalds no shame here

  • then went to get a smoothie

  • solid breakfast was solid

  • went to the gym on the top floor of the hotel

  • and continued watching wonder woman

  • then we had to go to the sagrada familia

  • beautiful architecture also by gaudy

  • a joy to go to

  • colors were beautiful

  • still not completed surprisingly

  • went to park gavel

  • also by gaudi

  • instagram worthy places

  • surprised no one bought it in the end

  • then went to eat chinese food

  • was eh

  • chilled watched more wonder woman

  • then went to a flamenco

  • different than american flamenco

  • more singing and indiscernible spanish than before

  • this flamenco had more tap dancing too

  • super impressive tho

  • my parents, aunt, and sister didn’t appreciate it tho

  • then went back to hotel :D

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