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6.22.17, or Told off in Toledo

Today was //not// a happy day.

  • The unfortunate thing is that my body language/countenance is very expressive and transparent, and the thought that everyone else wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t happy was really depressing. It’s kind of like an endless loop of unhappiness. Yay!

  • not anyone else's fault but my nature tho :D

  • We went to Toledo today

  • woke up late, changed outfits last minute (disastisfied either way), and ate breakfast in a jiffy

  • got on the truck, literally a charter bus

  • slept the entire way to Toledo

  • When we got there, it was 100 degrees fahrenheit

  • everyone was dying of the heat

  • We first walked around and took pictures

  • scratch that, it was the entire day

  • We basically walked around and took pictures and ducked into buildings when it was convenient

  • we went to a cathedral of toledo, which has a bunch of history and beautiful metalwork in it

  • Most of the works had gold leaf/gold/silver/other precious metals involved

  • But like all cathedrals, I don’t understand a lot of the history that goes behind it

  • We then had a very long lunch

  • As we walked around, then went home, I forgot that my mom had put a “do not disturb” sign on the door since she thought our room was so messy and

  • I don’t know

  • our family is messed up

  • we can’t communicate for shiet

  • I want to stop thinking or caring

  • I can’t stand staying around large groups of people over a large period of time unless there’s someone that can somewhat “charge” me along the way right

  • #introvertlyfe

  • so these past few days/weeks have been straining me

but it'll be okei soon


got gr8 room service and gr8 foods; missed out on some seriously good chinese food tho

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