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6.21.17, or Stealing is Bad

Apparently, I was sleeping over 1/3 of the bed, my sister squished, and Rachel (my cousin) trying to sleep but couldn’t because of cuddling.

  • woke up, half the party went out to eat/go to museum early, rest of us went to eat churros

  • yUM

  • churros are basically you tiao (fried dough) with european hot chocolate to dip it in

  • delish, but also had to be a garbage can for the rest of it

  • went to the museo de perl

  • Had to use my long-time-forgotten espanol

  • tis was okei

  • realized that art museums basically have no meaning unless you know the art itself

  • idk

  • like I’m much more interested in science-y museums than art/history museums tbh

  • my list is science, history, art lol

  • sister became pouty because she couldn’t sleep with me and my cuz today

  • went to eat lunch (chinese-owned japanese restaurant) with my sis and uncle n stuff

  • went to another museum (museum of sofia) another museum

  • Was more interesting than the last, tried to make sense of abstract art

  • ended up losing my mom for half an hour as we went to find her since everyone got tired

  • decided to split up; uncle went to do car stuff for tomorrow, mom group went to go back to a palace we went to yesterday, kid group went to go shopping !

  • sister had to get new shoes so we needed to get tho too since we lost her shoes the other day

  • Went to zara and got some sweet kicks

  • cousin wanted to get some adidas kicks

  • as we went to a store, she leaned down to retie her shoes but

  • in the mirror, she saw a blonde-haired white girl about her age, wearing an off shoulder white top with blue skinny jeans with her hand in her backpack

  • The blonde girl glared at us as Rachel pointed her out and gave us the middle finger on the way out

  • so rude!

  • rachel griped about it for the rest of the time but it was scary af

  • keep your guard up

  • got ice cream in a flower thing at Milan

  • then went back to the hotel, window shopping the entire time

  • went to the jacuzzi in the hotel

  • apparently my little sister couldn[t enter, due to her being younger than 14 (spanish rules)

  • but made an exception

  • favorite part was the mirror on the ceiling, so you could float in the water and see your reflection

  • it was calming, but then it closed

  • we went out to eat poke a japanese dish but ended up just having japanese/korean food in general

  • gossiped the entire time

  • guy across from us was american and could understand every word we were saying lol

  • all the couples in the restaurant was gay too

  • it’s pretty amazing

  • went back home and chilled for the trip tomorrow

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