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6.14.17, or Frenzy in Firenze

As we finished packing, we decided to head over to the Museum of Archeological Findings from Pompeii. Why it was moved to Naples instead of leaving it all at Pompeii beats me. Inside, there were many statutes, mostly of naked men and women. Too many for it to be safe for a normal person at least. There was literally a room devoted for the fun playtimes that men and women do. It was hysterically hilarious, in an insane sort of way. Some of them, I understood, since I know a lot of Greek and Roman mythology; others required the knowledge of Christian lore, which I did not know. Either way, dammit Zeus, why did you not keep it in your pants.

("Oh my god this is so awkward but I love Athena so I'll do this for her oh why", was what I was thinking at that time)

(Because who says ancient art museums can't have lightsabers in them)

Once we finished going through the museum, we picked our luggage up before taxi-ing to the train station. We were not going to be dragging 20+ pound luggage in 100 degree heat, thank you very much. The train ride was uneventful as always, with the added annoyance of my sister being bored from being on the iPad 24/7. We ended up playing cards with her along the way (Big 2 anyone??).

We got off at a stop called “Firenze Rifaldi”, after a painful 4 hour train ride. It was about 8pm, since the train got delayed, so it was starting to become dark. The train station felt abandoned, as there weren’t many people around, and no taxis either. Some people tried to help out along the way, but their main recommendation was the taxi system, whose lines were busy. We went on the bus instead, in which a very helpful bus driver pointed us towards the right way. We called the hotel management, and they graciously agreed to meet us at the other train station across town (may I add, where we should’ve gotten off), where the bus would take us. It was a solid hour until we were able to get to the train station. When I called the manager to let him know that we were at the train station, he was like “come to the garden”. I went off by myself to find the manager, and when I did, we were still on the phone, and his back was turned towards me. I said, amused, “I think I see you, turn around,”.

The manager was like, “turn around, turn around…”, and then he turned around. His surprised look brought a bubble of giggles to the surface.

From there, it was smooth sailing. We sweated buckets trying to walk to our apartment, and in the end, it was in a smelly corridor (the trash was around a corner), with a large bedroom, a narrow hallway for a kitchen and dining area, and a bathroom. European people live in cramped spaces, so they do with what they can. The aesthetic was pretty nice: white, retro themed frames and mirrors, with a sleek, dark kitchen set and white-tiled bathroom. After directing the family for a day, I happily sank into the pillows and drifted off to sleep.

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