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To my friends and random hackers...

Hey! If you’re here, I’m guessing you're one of my friends whom I gave the password to, or some random hacker who was lucky enough to guess it (if so, please teach me your skills and let me know why you hacked this page of all things). Well, it doesn’t matter who you are, welcome to my maybe-probably-short-term blog, where I share my positive thoughts and pictures from my vacation so that you actually can see my pictures from the vacation w/o having me to post it on Facebook and having the world to see.

Backstory here: I generally write a travel journal every time I go traveling. This time, I got tired of trying to remember where I put my writings, and since college essay writing will be coming up, I decided this was good practice.

This blog was written very loosely (?), meaning that there will be random times where the updates are short because I wanted to sleep, or long because I was on a train and had time to make my days into a novel. Have fun with that.

In terms of updates, I’ll try to update every day, but Europe has spotty internet and 80% of the time, I’m relying on limited data… that I’m sharing with my parents.

Feel free to comment, message, whatever. I probably won’t double-check what I write on this, so expect some mistakes. And if I mix up “who” and “whom”, have fun giving me a grammar lesson, Jessica Shen.

~With luv

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