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This year, I hope to focus on honing my technical skills to be able to more creatively help out my community by dedicating myself to ASME Design Team as Concept Lead, explore other modes of thinking by becoming a Costume Lead for the University Theatre Guild, and initiating my own research at the Smyth Pharmaceutical Research Lab.
Below are a few of my projects:
TxDOT Internship
Austin HQ

I was lucky enough this summer to work with the Plan Development section at the Texas Department of Transportation. During my time, I was able to contribute to real public works valuing over $5 million and learn about how integral our roadways are for everyday function. I learned multiple new CAD programs including Microstation, OpenRoads Designer, and SignCAD to add in roadway standards from the Roadway Design Manual. My team and I also got to travel around Texas and see previous designs being executed in real life.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 9.51.04 PM.png
UT Austin
Design Team Website

Over the summer, I had the time to completely reformat and collect relevant information on ASME Design Team to make a new website for it.

Punkin Chunkin
UT Austin

Within a 3 week turnaround, the team and I will build a 16' x 10' x 10' trebuchet to launch pumpkins from for the Punkin Chunkin competition in Aurora, Colorado. So far, we've utilized ANSYS, MATLAB, and CAD modeling to predict dimensions and estimate pumpkin flight. We hope to launch the pumpkin at least 500 ft in distance.

Team: Rebecca Lin, Will Smylie, Anmol Mathur, Grace Young, Jonathan Tao, Jason Nguyen, Tanek Ballachanda

UT Austin
UTG Costume Lead

For a 10-person cast, I helped design and create costume sets for a play put on by UT's University Theatre Guild (UTG). I was given a budget and the closets of the cast and crew to bring together the varieties of scenes and costume transitions. 

APICS Supply Chain Comp.
UT Austin

With a month to analyze a few spreadsheets to figure out what was wrong, our team created a presentation analyzing what went wrong with a sample factory and its' manufacturing process based on numbers and a few diagrams.

Team: Rebecca Lin, Ian Padhye, Brody Whalen, Maydha Kohli 

UT Austin
Disney Imaginations

Team: Rebecca Lin, Divjot Waila, Grace Young, Will Hancock, Nam Nguyen, Jack Liu

The Disney Imaginations

project this year gave us the prompt

of creating a space that reflected and celebrated our community. We used acoustical, structural, fluid mechanics, and other types of engineering to design an amphitheater space that reflected the history of Austin and gave the people an area to feel the passage of time flow in a green space in downtown Austin.

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 1.17.29 AM.png
Water Desalinization
UT Austin

For our Engineering

Communications Class, my group

decided to write about the problem of water desalinization in the UAE. We compared and contrasted research about scientific breakthroughs to produce a recommendation to the UAE using our solutions.

Team: Rebecca Lin, Cameron Choyke, Ashley Yang, Damian Salazar

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 1.03.48 AM.png
UT Austin
ITD Storytelling Project

Throughout our Storytelling for Influence class, my group and I talked about the Flatwater Foundation and told the story of those who support friends with illnesses and how they need support as well.

Team: Rebecca Lin, Emily Whiteside, Jordan Jenkins, Jac Alford

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 3.37.48 AM.png
UT Austin

Nimbō is a helpful AI cloud designed to help your day-to-day routine go smoothly. He learns your behaviors, adjusts your input feed to your mood and the weather, and helps you predict the unpredictable throughout your day. Nimbō was designed in my Introduction to AI Design as our final project.

Team: Rebecca Lin, William Smylie, Raychel Beasley, Ryan Chu

UT Austin
Southern Chain Reaction Competition

Team: Rebecca Lin, Grace Young, Tanek Ballachanda

In lieu of going to a chain reaction competition for the 2019-2020 school year, I initiated the chain reaction competition at UT Austin! Competition specifications, graphic design, coordination with other schools, facilities, funds, and marketing was done by the team from scratch. We were featured on UT Cockrell School of Engineering's Instagram during the competition day and maintained ASME Design Team's tradition.

UT Austin
Foster Engines

A UT Alumni donated his handmade collection of engines to the school department for educational purposes. To make sure that his legacy lives on, ASME Design Team and Pi Tau Sigma, the Mechanical Engineering Honors Society, began maintaining the engines to make sure they were able to run properly. We displayed them at Girl Day at UT Austin to educate kids on the magic of engines and what powers the world today.

Team: Rebecca Lin, Xavie Grishin, Jinwoo Kim

Other Projects

  • Petition against sexual harassment in student organizations:

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