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    I wanted to become a mechanical engineer because of the diversity of projects it applies to. Both creativity and hard sciences are needed to succeed, and I believe my strengths lie in both fields.
Besides engineering, I also enjoy photography, graphic design, and philosophy.
Below are a few of my projects that I've worked on:
UT Austin

In Make-A-Thon 2018, the theme was to create a safety device in the occurrence of an intruder. We came up with a three-component system of a smart floorboard, RFID band, and an automatic securing door. The RFID band would identify the person wearing it and correspond with the floorboard to identify if the weight matched the person wearing the ID. The doors would close off the intruder if weights didn't match.

Team (Left to Right): Rebecca Lin, Will Smylie, Grace Young, Jonathan Tao, Tanek Ballachanda

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 1.58.54 AM.png
UT Austin
Music Box

Team: Ashan Ranmuthu, Adrian Hernandez, Chris Pham, Abby Hu, Rebecca Lin

The reverse-engineering of a music box was our final project for our Mechanical Design and Engineering class (ME302). The picture is an exploded view of our SolidWorks model of a real music box.

FIRE Project
UT Austin
2nd Place

My FIRE (First Year Interest Research Experience) was under the guidance of Dr. Yaguo Wang and Feng He. We made a water purifying device with a specific amount of gold nanoparticles and a designed container to store post-purified water.

Team: Briana Cuero, Maydha Kohli, Laura Farias, Rebecca Lin

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 2.25.37 AM.png
UT Austin
Auto. Golf Cart

Team: Tanek Ballachanda, Will Smylie, Arun Ruhfus, David Floris, Rebecca Lin, Anmol Mathur, Xavie Grishin

My team and I redesigned the golf cart picker-upper for a case competition. We automated a large (existing) golf cart with a gang attached and added two smaller automated carts to get the tighter corners on ground the main cart can't cover.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 1.10.53 AM.png
The Comfort
UT Austin

For our Integrated Design (ITD) 101 Final Project, my team and I designed an adjustable prototype for a desk cover for an open hallway. To maximize study focus and productivity, we emphasized that the comfort corner would be for individuals who wanted a niche study space near their ITD classes.

Team:  Martha Czernuszenko, Marg Gerik, Rebecca Lin

Image from iOS (2).jpg
Purdue Uni.
Chain Reaction Competition

Team: Jason Nguyen, William Smylie, Jonathan Tao, Tanek Ballachanda, Xavie Grishin, Anmol Mathur, Rebecca Lin, Matthew Yu, Arun Ruhfus, Grace Young, Teresa Saldana, David Floris, Arthur Freitas 

From Fall 2018 to Spring 2019, the ASME Design Team worked on a Rube Goldberg Machine with 36 steps. Storybook-themed and able to squeeze toothpaste out of a toothbrush, ASME Design went to Nationals in Purdue University and won 3rd place. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 9.34.33 PM.png
UT Austin

Team: David Floris, Arun Ruhfus, Rebecca Lin, Grace Young, Tanek Ballachanda, Jonathan Tao

After completing an application to receive a $750 grant to experiment with a new invention, we created an idea for motorized roller skates and wrote a proposition. Our idea was accepted and we utilized multiple tools in the Texas Inventionworks for 48 hours to create them.

Other Projects

  • Chicago International Model United Nations: IAEA Chair

  • Central Texas Model United Nations: Crisis Staffer, Henry the VIII's Cabinet Chair

  • Vector: Engineering Magazine Writer

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